Cosmetic Dentistry in League City:

Dr. Geaccone's practice concentrates primarily in the area of cosmetic dentistry as it relates to: decayed teeth, missing teeth, discolored teeth, malformed teeth, cracked or crooked teeth, worn teeth resulting from grinding, and eroded teeth as it relates to various medical conditions such as acid reflux.

Dr. Geaccone refers to the best specialists for replacement of missing teeth if implants are desired.  Dr. G replaces missing teeth by the placement of the best quality fixed bridges prepared by his lab. The crowns are also of the highest quality that the lab fabricates for his patients If you need cosmetic dentistry in League City, contact our office for more information or an appointment.

While having your regular check ups is good to keep your teeth clean, it also helps to detect issues and get you started on a treatment plan if need be. Early detection can save you pain and dollars in the long run.  However, should it occur, please note we provide various cosmetic and restorative care services such as periodontal disease/gum disease, dental bridges and crowns as well as emergency care.

Periodontal Disease/ Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is unlike tooth decay as it can be a painless disease, meanwhile inflicting irreversible damage to the structures surrounding the tooth. In many cases the patient does not know he/she has a gum infection. This may result in irreversible bone loss around the supporting bone structures of the tooth if left untreated. Many health issues can be associated with periodontal disease. Patients who have heart disease, artificial joints or graphs may be susceptible to reinfection if the gum disease is not treated. There is also an association of periodontal disease with diabetes, oral cancers and pancreatic disease.

Gum disease may be diagnosed by signs of bleeding gums, swollen red or sensitive gums, halitosis (bad breath), loose teeth and change in position of teeth in arch or bite.  It is crucial to treat gum disease as early as possible. If diagnosed in later stages, the infection may be treated by performing scaling and root planning (deep scaling). This is accomplished by cleaning the tooth below the gum line.  A local anesthetic may be given if tissue is sensitive. Antibiotic injection may also be given to combat the infection. This has been proven to be very instrumental in restoring the health of the tissue surrounding the tooth. Dr. Geaccone utilizes two components: one that targets the gram positive bacteria and another that targets the anaerobic bacteria that are common in the oral cavity.  

Dental Bridges

Dr Geaccone will only utilize the very best lab work in the fabrication of his patient's permanent bridges. In the event a tooth is lost, it may be replaced by two methods. 1 - An implant or 2 - a permanent fixed bridge.

An implant is a type of bridge that is permanent, it is not removable from the mouth. The bridge has a very natural and real appearance that is indistinguishable from the other teeth.  Dr Geaccone will refer the patient to a very qualified dental specialist in the placement of a dental implant, if this is the preferred method of replacing the tooth. Each case is specific and will be discussed with Dr Geaccone as to the best approach in replacing the tooth,  i.e. Implant or permanent fixed bridge. Once the implant or implants are in place, the patient will return to his office for the crown or bridge to be delivered onto the abutment that is attached to the implant.

A permanent fixed bridge is also permanent, as the name indicates.  Dr Geaccone can replace the missing tooth with a bridge than will meet or exceed their expectations. This is accomplish typically in 2 appointments. First appointment  will involve the preparation of the tooth, impression to be sent to lab and fabrication and fitting of temporary, while the permanent bridge is being made by lab. The second appointment will involve removal of a temporary and placement of  the permanent bridge.  The bridge will have a beautiful natural appearance and be of the best quality. Dr Geaccone will at this time evaluate the bridge to make sure it meets our highest standard of care. 

Dental Crowns


A crown, commonly referred to as a cap, is indicated for teeth which have received root canal therapy, severely decayed, cracked or broken. Also a crown may be indicated if a a patient desires to straighten, lighten color or simply improve the aesthetics of the tooth. Dr. Geaccone requests only the highest quality crowns fabricated by his lab.

The crown procedure is fairly simple. First the tooth is anesthetized and once it is numb, the procedure is initiated by shaping the tooth to receive the crown. Once this is completed an impression will be made of the tooth which will be sent to Dr.Geaccone's dental lab. A temporary will be placed over the tooth during the period in which the crown will be fabricated by the lab. When the patient"s crown comes back from the lab, the temporary will be removed and the crown will be delivered. Dr Geaccone never tires in seeing a happy smile from his patients.


Emergency Dental Care

Dr. Geaccone's office is open a half day every Saturday to meet your dental emergency needs. In the event that you have a broken or chipped tooth, tooth pain, a crown or bridge came out or infection, please feel free to give his office a call (281) 332-9565.

Again, should you ever have any questions about any of our dental services, please feel free to contact us at one of locations (League City at (281) 332-9565 or Bellaire, Texas at (713) 667-6675)) for further assistance.

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Cosmetic dentistry in League City

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