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Dental Financial Assistance:

Here at Dr. Gary L. Geaccone DDS's office, we want you to have your happy smile and feel confident in facing the world.  You can get the care you want today.  While we accept all major credit cards and most major insurance, we also work with a few providers who can provide you with no interest credit.

Care Credit helps you get the care you want today.  There are various no interest promotions or reduced APR and fixed monthly payments until payment is maid in full. 

Prosper Healthcare Lending makes healthcare financing simple.  There is a low interest rate, fixed monthly payment plans, no deferred interest, no hidden fees or prepayment penalties.

Each situation may vary so talk to our office to see what options you have.  Feel free to contact us at one of locations (League City at (281) 332-9565 or Bellaire, Texas at (713) 667-6675)) for further assistance. We look forward to helping you find your smile again!